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I'm currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin - Parkside that will be graduating in May 2013. I'm majoring in Computer Science with a Cyber Security Certificate and a Business Minor.

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3D Terrain

A 3D terrain viewing program that utilizes OpenGL, SDL, OpenSceneGraph, and OSGEarth. The program allows the user to move around the world with a Playstation 3 controller and place objects (a cylinder that represents a radio tower). This was my final project for CS420 Computer Graphics and also incorporated GIS technology.

GE MDS radio audit

GE MDS radio Security Audity

For the 3rd part of my Independent Study, I used the knowledge I had learned the previous semester in the Network Security class to perform a security audit to determine how secure three GE MDS radios (SD9, 9790, and 9710) are. The audit looked at both the configuration management security (can an attacker gain access and change configuration settings) and the transmission security (can an attacker sniff the data that is being sent). This audit was performed for my workgroup at We Energies. This project was very interesting to me because I learned more about how to set up the radios and how to make them as secure as possible.

Current CSCI 476 Software Engineering II project. More info soon.


SCADA & DNP3 Research Papers

These were two papers that were part of the Computer Science Independent Study. The SCADA paper looked at how SCADA systems are designed and how radios are used to connect sites that are far apart. The paper on the DNP3 protocol looked at how each layer of DNP3 works. This paper required me to read through the DNP3 specification (IEEE 1815-2010) and learn how the protocol is designed. The paper looks at each layer in a high level to give a good overview of how DNP3 works.

TCP Implementation

Partial TCP Implementation

As part of a semester long project for the Computer Communications and Networks class, we had to create a partial TCP implementation. There were a few different programming languages that we were able to choose from and I did it in C#/Mono on an Ubuntu system. There were 5 tests that we had to pass before the end of the semester. I was able to pass of all of the tests and help other students who were having issues understanding the code and what needed to be done. This was a really interesting project to me that showed me a couple of things. The first is that it takes a lot of work to just implement a protocol and that the testing needed to implement something successful takes a lot. The second is that TCP is impressive in how it handles different connection situations. Overall, this project was both technical and taught me how much work goes into writing an implementation of a protocol.



Android Application that allows a user to control a Sharp TV over wifi. This was a simple application to learn more about Android programming.

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